11 Ways To Upgrade Your Windows In 2022

11 Ways To Upgrade Your Windows In 2022

08 March 2022

As we head into the new year, we've compiled annual predictions for window treatments in 2022. Be it using textured shades, picking the eclectic prints, or embracing the retro look, the year 2022 will be all about elevating your style. Is a new window treatment décor on your 2022 wish list as well? We've compiled a list of the top trends to keep an eye on. This ensures that you make the best decision possible while shopping for a new window treatment.

1. It’s all about customization

Customization is the ability to create what suits your needs well. Designing a personalized window treatment is a step-by-step system that begins with finding what you need, and avoiding remedies that do not fulfill the basic requirements. It's a mix of personal preferences and functionality. Collaborating with well-informed window-treatment specialists helps you make decisions that are best suited for your environment. 

2. Elegantly designed yet functional

Something that makes a home look beautiful, can also be the reason why such homes are comfortable too. Curtains, for example, should be a blend of both beauty and functionality. While their intricate designs can add charm and character to a room, their blackout feature can offer a comfortable ambience to rest in. If you are looking for a cozy bedroom that promises a soundless sleep, we think blackout curtains are a perfect fit. Their thick fabric will not only make your curtains look fuller but also block the sharp rays. Popular among the polka dots family, Bubbles is our blackout curtain set available in red, light pink, light blue and navy blue. They are great addition to a nursery for a restful sleep.

3. Materials that are environmentally friendly

In future, interiors will surely prioritize sustainability. The same can be said for window dressing as well. Natural fibers like cotton are making a comeback, especially among curtains and drapery. Decoberry offers a wide variety of cotton curtains, in different colors and patterns. For the ones in love with stripes, Skylar is a 100% cotton curtain in coastal stripes of blue, red, and white which pairs well in a modern yet relaxed décor. 

4. Let there be enough light

Choose light-filtering coverings so that more daylight enters your home, especially if you have plenty of windows. While sheers are a great choice, cotton linings are equally elegant and functional. Designed in-house, Aila is a unique choice for your interiors that filters in ample light and adds beauty with its vibrant floral print. 

5. Motorized blinds and home automation is coming back strong

Smart blinds are window coverings that may be opened or closed using a mobile application or voice control. Accordion, slat, honeycomb, roller, and light filtering are some of the styles available. While these design considerations are crucial, there is one characteristic that should be prioritized: the power source. The term "motorized" merely refers to the use of a motor to operate the blinds or shades. Using a remote control or a button, the motor can be battery-operated or hard-wired. There are no right or wrong answers here, just a matter of choice. They improve your home's protection, privacy, and effectiveness. When motorized window treatments are combined with a smart lighting or automation system, the drapes and/or shades can coordinate with other systems such as lights, sound, and heating. 

6. Colors to chase this year

Let your space breathe with your choice of colors. Botanical tones envelop us in a cocoon of comfort while allowing freedom of expression. Personal style is rooted in revitalized primaries. The soothing greens are thought to provide your imagination and creativity with "blossoming" energy. A balance of muted bright colors like reds, yellows, and blues to amplify the inventive side and delicate greens and neutral tones to convey healthy, calming energy are other popular color palettes. Warm tones such as beige, off-whites, creams, and sand tones are taking the lead in place of cool grey tints. 

7. Follow your mood and concord, read the space, and design accordingly

We agree with the theme of the area as well as what group of home window treatments is acceptable to the design. As an instance, a basic lounge calls for all-natural window treatment comparable to drapes and probably a swagged valance. White curtains are a timeless favorite that can pair well across traditional or contemporary interiors. A blind or coloration could be utilized behind the gentle fabric remedies to include performance. Your home window treatments are true multi-taskers - they might still match the room's mood while preserving the shade palette of the room, and also coordinate with the space’s overall architecture.

8. Curtain Tiebacks

A pair of magnetic curtain tiebacks with a glossy woven structure can preserve your drapes. The shiny gold-colored clips can also be tied by several alternative means. Utilize them on your drapes, sheers, or also your bathe drapes-- the effective magnets hang every point in location. Simply hang the tiebacks on the perimeters of your drape when they are no longer in use.

9. The No-Sew Hemming Tape for a tailor-made look

Window treatments specialists advise hemming your drapes to provide them with a custom-tailor-made appearance. This iron-on hemming tape makes it very easy to reduce your drapes with no sewing. In case you can find longer panels, hem them to hold between half an inch to three-quarters of an inch off the flooring.

10. Focus on Hardware

Each window treatment should certainly be connected to the wall surface or home window frame. As an instance, some produced shades, as well as blinds, require at least three inches placing area inside the body or the shade protruding past the body, right into the area. A pleated drape, hung beside sheers, calls for 2 poles. The entrance rod, which contains the drape, may in addition forecast into the spaces eight inches. You can also think of aspiring the dressing with the newer hardware tones such as metallics and rustic textures.

11. Layer it up

Window frames are usually consistent, so customers always look for something tailored - to add to their windows - that expresses their personality and poise. Layering is a great way to do that. It's personal, it's versatile and it’s a small effort for a huge reward. Layering is returning, and this time layering is sleeker with eye-catching trims. Opt for curtains with embroidered edges, or ruffles and laces and pair them with solid colors to ace the layering trend.

We do hope you like these window décor trends. Don’t forget to share the snapshots with us when you try these; just tag us with @letsdecoberry and we’ll come looking!