4 Décor Styles For Your Beach Homes

4 Décor Styles For Your Beach Homes

01 February 2022

So much of what makes your beach house special is the décor. It should reflect the calmness and serenity of the sea while embodying how it truly feels to escape to the beach, the sand and sea.  

If you're looking for guidance on how to transform your sea-side property into the beach home of your dreams, we've got you covered. Here are some of the best home décor ideas for a beach house getaway.  


Begin by Choosing a Style 

Before heading to the shopping cart for furniture, curtains, and décor, you would have to choose a style. Just like the sea looks different at differing times, not all beach themes are the same. So, having a style in mind adds a sense of harmony to the entire beach home décor. Here are some of our favorite themes: 

  • Nautical Style 
  • Beachcomber Style 
  • Island-inspired Style 
  • Rustic Style 

Below, we've curated a guide on how to achieve each style through a blend of color schemes, furniture, material and décor choices, in the right proportions. Keep reading to find out! 


Nautical Style 

Nautical is likely to pop in first. Flaunting the classic white and blue color scheme, this style incorporates all the traditional elements of the Northeast coast. Imagine anchors and ropes, starfish and seashells, and a prize fish hung somewhere in the house. 

Nautical rooms are typically furnished with mismatched pieces. Instead of choosing a furniture set, select pieces with character that coordinate but aren't identical. Instead of looking for an oceanic artefact, pick the shades and palette that bring a hint of faraway shores. 

If we were you, we would steer clear of a complete traditional décor. Too many seashells and sailboats can easily slip the style into a cliché. However, don't be afraid to incorporate classic vertical striped curtains or a decorative glass jar of sand. Spaces like nursery or kid’s rooms always invite a play of imagination, one where a beautiful set of nautical curtains can do wonders.  


Beachcomber Style 

Beachcomber is similar to nautical but much bolder. It eschews muted tones and embraces vibrant themes and colors. Say goodbye to neutrals and embrace nautical motif curtains and eclectic beach décor. These styles depict the dramatic undertones of the marine life, with coral shades and deeper blues. 

Like nautical, beachcomber furniture has character. But these pieces are often designed with a wooden base and topped with a comfortable patterned-cushion.  

Pick natural materials for your furniture, and use stereotypical beach items like flip flops, surfboards, and seagulls as décor to get the Beachcomber effect. 


Island-Inspired Style 

Island-style is a broader term, but is typically a higher-end theme. It mirrors the bright and beachy look, but with a more luxurious twist. The color scheme balances the light and natural, with a plenty of popping color along with hues of lush greenery and delicate florals.  

Island-style furniture still uses natural materials and neutral colors like most beach themes, but it's adorned with fun statement pillows. Taking it a notch further, if you host people island-inspired tablescapes are evergreen.They are a cocktail of fresh flowers, white porcelain white, sand-colored placemats, turquoise napkins and more. The whites, especially a pair of white curtains swaying to the wind’s tune, can transform any home into a beachside chase with the foamy waves – welcome and refreshing. 

And no island-style home is complete without an indoor plant. A giant palm or fig tree adds tons of character and brings the beach indoors. But if you have a brown thumb, a palm print pillow will suffice too.   


Rustic Style 

Rustic beach style is also called coastal farmhouse. It’s the one with grays, soft blues, and tans. It mixes rustic, weathered materials with shiplap, buffalo plaid, and nautical stripes. Being a blended style it emphasizes the use of wood and other natural materials like knit, wicker, crochet and more. 

The secret to this style lies in mixing nautical and farmhouse, in pleasing proportions. Balance is crucial to make it work for your homes. Prints like Buffalo checks are the apt example of this balance. Amidst lush carpet and monochrome walls, buffalo curtains can add a chic visual texture. But when hung in airy interiors and muted décor, the buffalo checks in classic white and blue, will complement the calming vibe.  

Embrace any one of these styles, and you'll have created a beach house that will truly become your dream getaway.