Curtain Basics - Different Types of Curtain Headers

Curtain Basics - Different Types of Curtain Headers

16 November 2022

Windows are the most integral part of the house and they come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right curtain panels for your windows can be tricky and confusing. That is why we make custom curtains. With more than 150 unique fabric options, we make it easy and affordable to customize your curtains to give you a look that's all your own. Choose the design, construction, length, width, and lining to fit your style and your windows perfectly. Not sure what style you want? We've put together everything you need to know about the 8 types of curtain headers we offer.

Plain Top

Plain tops are supple and simple with equally spaced folds that are hung with hooks and rings. They are a great option to frame a beautiful view or show off a decorative curtain rod.

Double Pinch Pleat

This style is an everlasting one making it one of the most popular styles of drapery. Double pinch pleats have fixed pleats at the top of the curtain. They have crisp pleats, a full body, and it is sure to elevate your space so that it exudes elegance. Double pinch pleats are hung with hooks and rings making them functional and stylish. 

Double Euro Pleat

A sleeker silhouette than other pinch pleats, which brings subtle sophistication to any room. A casual cousin among the pleats family, the double euro pleat style blends well with both classic and modern decor. Like a pleated dress, the fabric gathers at the top but hangs freely at the bottom for a soft and fuller fall. This style is hung with hooks and rings. 

Triple Pinch Pleat

Made with more fabric than any other style, triple pinch pleat curtains offer a voluminous look throughout the body of the curtain. The triple pinch pleat style, which is also known as the classic French pleat - is detailed with extra pleats. This style is best admired in spacious and regal interiors and hung with hooks and rings.

Tab Top

Harking back to a simpler time, the tab top style has evenly spaced loops of fabric on the top that supports the curtains' weight. You can hang these curtains by simply inserting the curtain rod through the fabric tabs. Tab tops are a great choice for a relaxed and airy ambiance.

Rod Pocket

Soft gathers and imperfectly beautiful folds are what we call the rod pocket style curtain. This style can keep its scrunched look by tightening the hidden drawstrings. Or, for a more relaxed look and when you want to utilize the curtain, you can release the draw strings to let the curtain flow freely across the curtain rod. Perfect for a timeless and casual look. Rod pocket headers offer versatility. 


Designed with modern hand-pressed grommets, the grommet style promises even folds for your windows. Impressively easy to handle, they are perfect for curtains that are frequently drawn open and closed.

Back Tab

Back tab curtains are an all-time favorite. This style is a little more casual than pleated styles, but more sophisticated than a rod pocket or grommet style. Curtains with back tabs flaunt clean and distinct folds with hidden tabs. To hang this style, the rod is inserted through the table on the backside of the curtain. Your curtain rod will be hidden by the curtain itself with this style. 

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