Curtain Styling 101

Curtain Styling 101

06 September 2022

At Decoberry, your journey to beautiful curtains and windows doesn't stop at check-out. We want to ensure you get your Decoberry curtains looking as beautiful as ever as they go from our design studio to your hands and ultimately hang on your windows. Here we would like to offer some styling tips for our back tab curtains. However, some of these tips can be applied to our other heading styles as well. 

Let's call this, Curtain Styling 101.

Our ready-made curtains come nicely packaged in a reusable, cotton bag. Once you take them out of the bag and get them hung up on your curtain rods, you’ll want to be sure to do the following to achieve the beautiful aesthetic of Decoberry curtains.

1. Our standard, single-width back tab curtains come with seven back tabs. We recommend leaving one or two of the back tabs on the outside of the bracket (between the bracket and the finial on your curtain rod.) This will hide your bracket. Depending on how far your curtain rod extends beyond your window frame you might opt to leave two tabs on the outside of your brackets. 

2. This might be the most important tip for our back tab curtains! When you put your curtains on the rod they will look messy and all bunched up. Be sure to straighten out the header to get a clean, crisp look. You’ll want to style this to get nice straight folds that give a pleated look to your curtain.

3. Lastly, steam your curtain to remove creases. Your curtains come folded neatly in a drawstring back leaving some creases from the packaging. This is easy to fix with a simple steaming job. It is easy to steam your curtains while they are hanging from the curtain rods, but you might need a small ladder or step stool to reach the top. You wouldn't wear a wrinkled dress to dinner with your friends so don't let your windows wear wrinkled curtains :) 

We hope these styling tips are helpful to you! Be sure to follow us on our social pages including Instagram and Pinterest for more styling tips.