Designer Tips on How to Hang Curtains l Featuring Amy Maison for Decoberry

Designer Tips on How to Hang Curtains l Featuring Amy Maison for Decoberry

13 May 2022

As a designer for the last 35 years, Amy has tricks up her sleeves for beginners looking to hang or style curtains for the first time. Stay close as she reveals her pearls of wisdom to get that instagrammable fall for your curtains.  Follow her simple steps in her tutorial video to get an enviable look.

But before we begin, make sure you have these : 

  • A measuring tape
  • Drapery hooks or Rings
  • Curtain rod based on measurement
  • Brackets and finials for a curtain pole
  • Stepladder
  • Pencil
  • Notepad to sketch measurements

Power tools and hammer as per the directions of your curtain rod installation guide

Choose the style for the Header

Window styling is a vast and versatile subject. Narrow the field of possibilities with images that inspire you. Pinterest is an amazing platform for you to create your own idea board. Scroll through the wide array of styles to pick the right header for your windows. Some showstoppers like our Mertie curtains in powder blue and off-white have both rod pocket and back tab header for multiple style options. Amy feels it's best to ‘decide if you want to use rod pocket, hidden tabs or rings,’ before you begin. 

Measuring it right

It’s now time to get to the sketchy details! Amy recommends, ‘Drawing a sketch for your window with floor and ceiling (just like the one in the video).’ If you have more windows in a row, which are close to each other - measure the distance between them. Keep this measurement in mind when you are picking the width of your curtains.

Measure your window from frame to floor. Also, use the measuring tape to know the width of your window frame. For an even and stylish fall, hang curtain rods 6-8 inches above the window or window frame. Metal measuring tape or yardstick is a much-preferred choice for accurate measurement. 

Tip: If there are carpets under your window, place a piece of thin cardboard on the carpet for a more accurate measurement.

Sketching the Bracket with Rod or Ring

Measure from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the eye hook or clip. Measure the grommet opening, not including the rim, then subtract ½ inch from that number. This is the maximum curtain rod diameter that you can choose. Our Mertie curtains in 100% cotton have back tabs that can be hung with drapery hooks or pins to compliment the breezy blue fabric. Be wise to choose finials that blend with your curtain style and room décor.

Mark your bracket hardware on the wall above the window 

Position a stepladder in front of the window. At the top edge of the window frame, figure out the center and mark it with a pencil. This is the center point for your curtain rod. 

Install the brackets according to the directions mentioned in the curtain rod packaging. Place the bracket above the window at the ends of the window frame, giving enough room to put one ring outside of each bracket. Begin sliding them smoothly just like Amy. 

Tip: Use a level to keep the rod straight and even. Or don’t shy away from dragging a friend to help you with this step.

Handling the Curtains

For the perfectionist Amy, there is a smart way to handle your curtains too! She says, ‘Put the panel on your shoulder for a clean curtain and even folds. Though a small one, this step makes for a great change - the fabric doesn’t drag on the floor or get dirty. The cozy cotton fabric of our Mertie is easily arranged by Amy with secure tiebacks. While the graphic buffalo check can look modern in a light and airy interior like Amy’s, thanks to Mertie’s outdoorsy roots, it can also take on a cozy cabin vibe when styled amidst moody walls.