How To Choose Curtains For The Nursery Room

How To Choose Curtains For The Nursery Room

29 November 2022

When you first set up your baby's nursery, the whole process is incredibly exciting and you're overwhelmed by all the details you've to consider. Curtains play a very important role in decorating the room. They tie the whole room together.

The question is, how do you pick the right curtains for your nursery? If you follow these tips, you might get an answer.

The Color

The color of the curtains is very important. If you've already decided on a theme or color palette for the room, the curtains should match it. You can also choose something neutral, like white or beige. 

The newborn needs a lot of sleep during the first few months, thus picking the appropriate curtains is crucial for the infant's nap. Blackout curtains are a good option for restful sleep. 

The Material

You must also consider the material of the curtains. The curtains need to prevent too much light from entering the room so your little one can sleep well; cotton is often a popular choice. However, you can also opt for cotton curtains with 100% blackout fabric at Decoberry. At Decoberry we offer 4 different options of curtain liners. You can choose to have no liner, a light-filtering cotton liner, a 95% blackout liner, or a 100% blackout liner.

The Length

Decide on the length of curtains you want. This also has to do with the type of windows in your nursery.

There are different types of windows. Small windows don't need long curtains, while floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls do.

We can customize the length and width of the curtains as per your choice. 

The Pattern

Curtains at Decoberry come in various patterns such as dotted, floral, abstract, striped, paisley, and many more. You can opt for a neutral theme by choosing either shades of white, beige, or gray, or you can go for pink, blue, or colorful designs depending on the theme of your decor. Visit our custom range of curtains to find the right fit for your decor style.

Hope you liked our insight on how to choose curtains for the nursery room. Still not sure about the right curtains?  At Decoberry, we like to make ourselves as accessible as possible. We understand that when you're choosing, measuring, and installing your own curtains, having fast access to a real person makes all the difference.

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