How to Measure Your Windows for Curtains?

How to Measure Your Windows for Curtains?

01 February 2022

Curtains are a significant part of the interior design of any home. Their aesthetics balances their timeless functionality. They can add color, visual emphasis to certain architectural features, or can make the room look spacious or narrow, depending on how they are hung. Curtains also act as air filters, trapping specks of dust and other pollutants coming from the outside. Moreover, curtains can block harmful UV rays from streaming past the windows. It can insulate the room, keeping it cool during the summer, and warm during the winter.  

For curtains to work effectively, you need to install them properly on your windows so they can serve their purpose and look attractive, all at the same time. Installing curtains is pretty easy. But before you do that, you need to figure out how big your window is. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to measure your windows for curtains: 


Step 1. Use a steel tape measure.  

Use a steel tape measure, to measure your windows. A steel tape measure is more accurate than sewing tape measures. It also resists bending, which comes very handy if you are measuring taller windows. Prepare a piece of paper and a pencil to write down your measurements so you won’t forget them.  


Step 2. Measure the width of the window. 

Start off by measuring the width of the window, then add 8 inches or 20cm to each side for the brackets. For example, if the width of your window is 120cm, add another 20 on each side such that your curtain size is 160cm. The curtain size should have bigger width than your windows so you can open it wider and allow daylight to stream into the room. However, if you have a recessed window type, the extra width measurement is not necessary.  


Step 3. Measure the length of the window. 

Next, measure the length of the window to find the vertical length for your curtains. There are two ways on how to measure the length. If you already have hardware such as curtain brackets and rods, check what kind of curtain rod you have. If you have curtain rods with rings that are best for curtains with a pleated heading, start your measurement from the rings, into which the hook goes.  

If you’re planning to purchase curtains with an eyelet or tab top heading, you’ll need to measure from the top of the pole. Depending on how long you’d want your curtain drop to be, you can measure all the way down to the floor or on the windowsill. 


Step 4. Figure out what type of windows you have. 

Not all windows in the house have a similar style and size. You also need to note their design and the window-type before measuring them for curtains. Some windows need blinds, while others need curtains. Therefore, knowing what type of window treatment will work best for your window, should be your first priority.  

Measuring the windows is one step, but picking the right design, color and style for the curtains is the nest step. Head to our website to browse over our collection of curtains for the perfect fit for your windows!