How to navigate the Decoberry range of products.

How to navigate the Decoberry range of products.

03 February 2022

At Decoberry, we help you pick the right design, pattern, and color for your home. We know every home is unique, and so are the designs it homes. Our efforts try to turn these designs to reality, while our ever-expanding collection lets you chooseyour perfect designs with the least hassle possible. On offer, is a wide range of high-quality readymade curtains woven predominantly with natural fibers.  Among the exciting additions are the made-to-order custom curtains, which we will be launching shortly on our website and across platforms.   

Scoot over to our collections or, look for a preferred pattern or colour to find what blends well with your home décor style. Once you’ve decided the collection that resonates with your décor style, just browse through the available curtains within the collection to narrow down on the perfect fit. Our products are offered in sets of two and most come in a standard width of 52” which is wide enough to cover most window panels. We also offer our curtains in a range of varying lengths such as 63”, 84” 96”, and 108”. Customers can measure their windows and choose to go for the length that best suits them. 

Different header styles available in our curtains range - such as grommets or eyelets, rod pocket, back tab, tab top, and others - essentially highlight the hanging technique used in the specific product. Please go through the pictures of each product in detail to get a sense of the header look and feel as well as understand its functionality.   

Our detailed product descriptions breaks down the techniques used in creating these curtains, their fabric composition, and the final effect that the designer curtain would create in the rooms they hang. We pride ourselves on maintaining complete transparency with our customers, especially since we use high-quality natural fibers in the making of majority of our products. A few times we have to deliberate on the usage of non-natural fibers is specific to the compatibility of certain weaving and stitching techniques. 

We hope you find this brief guide handy in finding the right curtain at Decoberry. So now that you’re an expert at navigating the Decoberry website, get cracking and find yourself the best curtain for your home!