How to Pick the right curtains for your Bedroom.

How to Pick the right curtains for your Bedroom.

01 February 2022

Bedroom curtains play the crucial role of lending privacy. Sometimes picking a contemporary and minimalist interior design, might leave your living room without a curtain. However, curtains are nearly indispensable in any bedroom, regardless of their decor. Curtains not only provide seclusion, but they also regulate the temperature in the bedroom.  

It protects your room from UV radiation while also keeping it well ventilated. Curtains also have the benefit of making a space charming and chic. With the right choice of curtains, you can definitely get the bedroom look you have been dreaming of. Keep reading to know the steps on picking the right curtains. 


1. Know the Type of your window  

There are different types of windows that are part of any house. These types include bay windows, awning windows, fixed windows, French door windows, and Palladian window, to name a few. Knowing the type of window that you have in your bedroom is the first step in choosing the appropriate curtain hardware (e.g. curtain rods, brackets, rings, finials). You’ll also get a general idea of which curtain to pick, its length, and also the way it should be styled.  


 2. Measure the window 

You can’t buy a curtain unless you measure your window. Yes, shopping for curtains is the exciting part we would love to dive into, but the curtain should have the right width and length for your bedroom window so that it can serve its purpose. You don’t want to waste away your money on an beautiful curtain that doesn’t fit. So, measure it first. Find out how to measure your window for curtains with our guide (insert a link to the article), so that you can get started. 


3. Know the different window-treatments 

It boils down to one question - Do you know the best window-treatment for your space? Homeowners frequently select curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades knowing how different these are. Thus sometimes, the wrong window dressing ends up  obstructing the natural light your space needs. 

Curtains are an ideal choice when you desire a balance of soft rays and sheltering privacy. Depending on your preference you could pick a curtain with/without lining. Lining goes the extra-mile to offer more privacy with blackout options while making your curtains look fuller.  


 1. Select the right fabric 

Fabrics can significantly change a space, by molding the appearance of the curtains.  The selections are innumerable! Curtain fabrics range from sheer linen to lightweight cotton on one end, and medium-weight brocades to rich velvet on the other. When choosing fabric, keep the following things in mind: the intensity of light you want to let in; the amount of privacy you want; the amount of light you want to keep out, and the overall interior design of your room. Heavier materials, for example, are better suited to more conventional interiors, whilst transparent fabrics are more suited to more minimalistic spaces.  


 2. Choose the right color for your curtain 

Curtains should preferably match the color scheme of the rest of the room's decor. You may either match or contrast the curtains with the rest of the room's color scheme.  Choose curtains that complement the room’s walls for a beautiful aesthetic. They could also be in patterns and hues that blend well with the soft furnishing for a charming look.  


Consider the overall ambiance of your space when choosing the perfect curtain for your bedroom. Do you want it make a statement or smoothly blend in the background? When you follow the simple steps we've outlined above, you'll have no trouble picking the perfect curtain for your bedrooms! Can't wait to find your next curtains? Check out our charming collection right here!