Incorporating Curtains With Fall Decor

Incorporating Curtains With Fall Decor

31 October 2022

Are you swapping out your summer decor with warm tones, pumpkins, cozy knitted blankets, and other fall decor? Try incorporating curtains in your fall decorations to create an even cozier feel! Below we have highlighted some fall decorating ideas using ready-made curtains from Decoberry. Read on to find the perfect curtains fit for the season. 

1. Mertie Check Curtains in Beige

If you aren't keen on switching out your main decor pieces like window treatments, furniture, and rugs then keep it neutral and accent with smaller items like flowers, leaves, acorns, and pumpkins. In small ways, you can bring the vibrant colors of fall into your home too.

2. Mertie Check Curtains in Beige

Beige is a great color to choose for curtains because it pairs well with many colors and decor items. If you are someone who likes to change out their throw pillows, candles, and centerpieces try a neutral color for your curtains.Our Mertie Check Curtains in Beige are complementary to farmhouse fall decor.

3. Amy Curtains in Light Brown

You can swap out your curtains with neutral-colored ones, add some rich coloring with accent pillows, or layer up with knitted throw blankets and voila - you have the perfect fall living room decor. You have a perfectly decorated room for the cozy seasons.

4. Mertie Check Curtains in Powder Blue

Work with your existing curtains by adding full accent pieces like a vase of colorful leaves or a warm‑toned throw blanket. Orange is a complementary color to blue. So if blue is your color, don’t worry. You can keep it around through the fall season too!

5. Phyllis Curtains in Jade Green

As fall rolls through, everyone is focused on orange and rust‑colored decor, but don’t forget about green! Green pairs as well with fall colors and Christmas colors so it will carry you through the seasons well.

6. Nimbo Kantha Stripe Curtains

Keep it simple, light, and airy with these natural-looking curtains that pair well with neutral fall decor. If you keep your color palette neutral, you can still make it feel festive. You can often find seasonal items in neutral colors like this pumpkin accent pillow. The neutral colors are great for someone looking for minimalist fall decor.

7. Amy Curtains in Brown

Add dimension to your room by adding deeper and darker colors. Darker colors and warm tones that the mood for fall and winter festivities.

We hope that you now have some ideas of how you can use curtains to help decorate for fall. Whether you like to do a full makeover or swap out a few small things, curtains can aid in creating a cozy atmosphere.