Measurement App for Curtains

Measure your window panels and doors with a simple app on your iPhone

01 July 2022

Did you know that your iPhone has a pre-installed measure app making it easy for you to determine the size of curtains your windows or doors need? This is especially helpful when determining the length of the curtain you need. All of our curtains come in a standard width of 52 inches. Follow these easy steps to find your measurements using the pre-installed measure app on your phone:




Step 1. Open the measure app on your phone by searching “measure”.

Step 2. Once the app is open. Point the target dot to the place you want to start measuring from. Tap the plus sign to start measuring. By moving your phone in a downward direction, drag the line to where you want to stop measuring (in this case the floor). You will want to move slowly to accommodate for special recognition. Tap the plus sign again to end the measurement. If you want your curtains to float, tap the plus sign the second time at the place you want them to hang. For example, if you want your curtains to float at your window sill, end your measurement when the target dot (bullseye) gets to the window sill on your phone screen. You will be able to see the measurement on the screen by tapping the number in the middle of the line.

Step 3. Note your measurement.

Step 4. Visit and add your favorite curtain in the appropriate size to your cart.

Step 5. Purchase your new curtains.

Lastly, hang them in your room, and be sure to snap a photo and tag @letsdecoberry on social media. We love to see our customers’ homes decorated with Decoberry curtains.