Neutral Colored Curtains for a Nursery

Neutral Colored Curtains for a Nursery

09 January 2023

First of all, congratulations on expecting a child! We are positive you have many things to think about in order to prepare for your little one’s arrival. Rest assured, when it comes to curtains for your nursery, Decoberry can ease your mind. 

If you are waiting for the big day to find out the gender of your baby you might still want to get your nursery ready beforehand! In this case you can design a nursery full of neutral tones and cozy textures. You can choose a mix of cream tones, gray tones, and natural tones that all come together to create the cutest neutral nursery. This gender-neutral nursery is calming and sweet, but definitely not boring! Check out the curtain ideas no matter what you are having - a boy OR a girl! 

You can opt for neutral designs like DB - 205 and DB-179 for your window decor, or make your nursery even more fun with the playful patterns we offer, like DB-159 or DB-68. Check out our custom range to discover more design options.

Some other things you might want to consider are the curtain liner, the curtain header style and perhaps adding a matching or complementing pillow. With a baby’s nap schedule and early bedtimes, you will likely want to choose a blackout liner for your curtains. We offer two kinds of blackout liners at Decoberry. One option is a 95% blackout liner that is gray in color, silky and free flowing. This option is great for all fabrics except light colored fabrics because the gray fabric can show through slightly causing your curtains to appear a different color. The second blackout liner is a 100% blackout liner. This fabric is white in color and is full bodied. It provides some structure and fullness to your curtains. You will want to choose a header style that matches the decor style of your room. Consider whether you are designing a more sophisticated nursery or a casual, cozy nursery. You will also want curtains that you feel you can easily open and close since babies sleep a lot. Lastly, you can add a decorative pillow cover to your order in matching fabric or choose a fabric from our selection that complements your curtains. It is always nice to have a throw pillow or two for your rocking chair and other furniture in your nursery.

We hope our insight on how to choose gender-neutral curtains for the nursery room was helpful to you. Still not sure about the right curtains?  At Decoberry, we like to make ourselves as accessible as possible. We understand that when you're choosing, measuring, and installing your own curtains, having fast access to a real person makes all the difference. We have in-house design experts who are glad to assist you. Drop a mail at: or Call us (Toll-Free): at +1 866 517 9907