The Symphony of Light and Shadows

The Symphony of Light and Shadows

17 January 2022

Buying a home is a dream come true for many of us. It is one of those milestones in our lives that stays with us as part of our happy and fulfilling memories. Each of us has special whim a house fulfils: be it is a spacious living room, a well-lit kitchen or a bathroom window overlooking a pristine landscape, and many others. Such factors play a great role in choosing a house. However, there are those which probably don’t stand-out for prospective homeowners but are essential to a home’s security, energy, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal – windows and doors.

Interestingly, windows have always been fascinating for us, both from functional and aesthetic perspective. If you think about it, windows help to control the flow of air and light in our homes, both of which are extremely critical to our well-being and functioning. Some would say, windows witness the symphony of light and shadows. While some filter away the glare, others welcome soft rays. And under the wind’s spell, it’s a regal dance of our curtains by your window frame.

At Decoberry, window treatments specially curtains are what we are extremely passionate about. Curtains have been in use for a long time and have continuously evolved in terms of different fabrics, styles, and functionality. The need for curtains did arise from a lack for privacy in homes and they were eventually used to block noise, light and even dust to some extent. Curtains also control the temperature of the room, keeping the rooms warm during winters and cool during summers. Over the years, varieties of window treatments have been introduced(think blinds and shades) apart from curtains that serve the same purpose, but the need for curtains has never gone away. Why you ask?
Well, curtains are versatile home furnishings that play an integral role in the design of your rooms. They can help to accentuate the height of a room or make it look bigger or cosier with different patterns, colors and styles. Curtains can be designed for different décor styles including traditional, modern, eclectic, and even specific to beach homes flaunting an oceanic theme. Curtains are the accessory that help you style your windows and doors as a reflection of your personal tastes and quirks, thus creating a home that is uniquely yours.

Curtains and draperies, which by the way are differentiated only using certain kind of fabric but are essentially the same, are offered in different light filtering options based on their usage. For example: Blackout curtains offer complete privacy and noise blocking while sheer curtains lets the light pass, making any room radiant and airy.

While the symphony of light and shadows is experienced in every home, each of us have our unique style when it comes to picking our window treatments. At Decoberry, our endeavor is to empower and channelise the home décor enthusiast in you to be able to pick a texture, pattern and color that resonates with you, transforming the house into your home.