What are the different types of curtain headings available in Decoberry?

Currently, we offer three types of headers for our curtains. Grommet or Eyelet headings, Tab Top and, a unique design that combines Back Tab and Rod Pocket headings into one. All of these are great choices that are easy to use and have their unique influence on the look and fall of the curtain.

Can I order a fabric swatch?

No. Unfortunately, we do not provide fabric swatches for our ready-made collection. In our soon-to-launch Customer Services, you will be free to shop for swatches and have them delivered at your doorstep.

How many curtains are included in one order?

All our ready-made curtains are sold in sets of 2 panels (in the selected size).

Can the curtains be ironed?

Please refer to the ‘Care Instructions’ mentioned on the product page of your selected curtain.

Do you sell curtains rods and rings?

No. Currently, we only sell ready-made curtains.

Are all curtains lined?

Yes. Currently, all the curtains in our ready-made collections are lined/treated with our proprietary blackout technology. We offer multiple types of liner options for adding body and structure to the curtain. Their fabric also offers different light-blocking features along with thermal and noise insulation. You can find the details of any specific liner for your ready-made curtain on the product page.

Do blackout curtains help in saving energy?

Yes, our blackout curtains are energy-saving and will keep your homes warmer in the winter and cooler during summer. They are also excellent at insulating and blocking noise.

How do I wash my Decoberry curtains?

Please refer to the ‘Care Instructions’ on the product page of your Decoberry curtain.

Do you offer other types of home furnishing products?

Not yet, but we do plan to introduce an array of products across all our collections soon.

How do I know which collection fits my home décor style?

Different ‘Product Collections’ at Decoberry help you choose distinct styles and colors that pair seamlessly with different décors. Have a look at our representative images and read the descriptions for each curtain or glance through the collection, to know our aesthetics, designs, fabrics and their functionality. Also, watch this space for other home furnishing products that we'll be launching soon within these collections. If you need more help with your décor needs, please feel free to drop in a word and we will connect you with our design experts.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards/debit cards as well as most payment wallets.

How will my order be packaged before shipping?

Each curtain set is packed in our specially designed Decoberry packaging which protects the curtain from damage during shipping.