Return & Shipping

Requirements for return

A return can be initiated for any items purchased on Decoberry’s website. These items must be included in a valid order number. Shopper must use the email used at checkout to initiate a return.

Note: We do not offer returns for our custom orders unless the product is not delivered to specifications or if it is damaged. 

Eligibility Window

A return can be initiated for purchased products within 30 days of fulfillment. This time-period begins when the order is fulfilled, not when placed or delivered.

Require shopper to enter return comments

Shoppers will always be required to enter additional comments pertaining to their return before being able to confirm and submit.

Allow shipment to be greater than return amount

Shoppers cannot return an item if the total value of the return, after any discount at time of sale, is less than the total cost of shipping.

Auto-return authorization

Each return request will be automatically authorized after a shopper submits a return, and the shopper will be issued a shipping label right away.

Return shipping costs

We at Decoberry are here to serve our customers in the best way possible. When you make a purchase at Decoberry we hop together on a journey to ensure you have great quality curtains that look stunning. We take any obstacles along the way in our stride and do our best to ensure we meet your goals. 

In that light, we would like to clarify that if you’re dissatisfied with any products purchased from Decoberry, please be rest assured that we can help find you a replacement. We are the destination for great quality curtains, so help us find you the right product. In the odd case that you can’t find what you’re looking for and are dissatisfied with your purchase, we will honor your returns for a full refund. 

To receive a full refund, the original item MUST be in new condition and returned without:

  • Any damage to the products
  • Removal of tags
  • Signs of wear, washing, or improper care
  • Cuts or stains

We want to be able to serve you better, so we would appreciate your feedback and comments on the reason for returns. If sizing is an issue, please call us and we can find a way to help you keep the curtain design you love.

A few rules around our returns for you to keep in mind:

  • We have a 30-day window for returns
  • There is a $25 processing fee per product that will be charged on the returns
  • All returned items are thoroughly inspected, and any item(s) returned in a condition deemed as no longer sellable will not be refunded  
  • Returned item(s) must be shipped back in the original packaging or similar packaging that will prevent the item(s) from damage while in transport

Reasons for return

Shoppers must select one of the following reasons for return when initiating a return.

  • Item is damaged
  • Received wrong item
  • Changed mind
  • Not what I expected
  • Did not fit

For any other specific queries related to exchanges and returns please reach out to